Last updated: Jul 04, 2024

What is an investment platform?

Noemie Williams DipPFS
Mortgage & Protection Adviser at Mortgages for Doctors

What is an investment platform?

In recent times, financial advisers have been embracing new and innovative methods to manage their clients' investment portfolios and financial products.

One such trend gaining popularity is the use of investment platforms. But what exactly are these platforms, and how can they benefit you?

Let’s start at the beginning

An investment platform is an online service that allows financial advisers to oversee their clients' investment portfolios and other financial products or services. By aggregating data from multiple sources, these platforms provide a comprehensive view of a client's financial situation.

Taking control of your assets

In days gone by, clients would entrust their financial decisions entirely to their advisers, avoiding direct involvement in their finances. However, modern platforms have made it easier for clients to actively participate in shaping their financial future. With creative and engaging ways to present complex data, clients now have more control over their assets and financial decisions.

A clear view of your holdings

With an investment platform, clients gain a detailed understanding of their savings and investments. This transparency enables them to assess their financial progress and work with their adviser to strategise for their future financial goals. Although market fluctuations may sometimes result in portfolio dips, observing these fluctuations allows clients to celebrate the highs when they occur.

Centralised asset management

Some platforms not only provide a clear view of investments, but also facilitate buying and selling directly from the platform. From ISAs and SIPPs to life insurance products and investment schemes, clients can manage various financial products in one place, streamlining the investment process.

Planning for the future

Investment platforms offer a range of profiling and planning tools, allowing advisers to test different scenarios before selecting the most suitable investments for their clients. While predicting the future remains impossible, these tools help in making educated guesses and planning ahead effectively.

Personalised service based on risk analysis

Platforms often enable advisers to analyse their clients' attitude toward risk, leading to a more personalised approach to finance. This ensures that clients are not exposed to more risk than they are comfortable with, while also avoiding overly cautious strategies for those who can handle market volatility.

Streamlined administration and reduced paperwork

By consolidating all accounts on a single platform, clients benefit from reduced administrative tasks and paperwork. This time-saving feature not only reduces stress, but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to managing finances.

Investment platforms provide numerous advantages for both financial advisers and their clients. By empowering clients to take an active role in their financial decisions, offering personalised services, and streamlining administrative tasks, these platforms have become invaluable tools for building wealth and achieving financial goals.

Collaborating with an adviser like us, who incorporates an investment platform as part of their services, can undoubtedly put you at an advantage on your financial journey.

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