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Let to buy for medical professionals

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Looking to move house, but want don't want to sell your current property? Let to buy may be right for you...

What is let to buy and how does it work? 

A let to buy mortgage allows you to let out your current property and then move into a new one. This mortgage structure takes advantage of the equity in your current property - giving you a deposit to put down on your new home. This is different to a buy to let mortgage.

By letting out your current property, you can cover mortgage payments with rental income thereby freeing you up to take out a mortgage on your new property.

You may be able to gain consent to let on your existing property from your existing lender in the first instance if you have some time left to run on your current mortgage deal.

Is let to buy suitable if I need to relocate? 

Let to buy mortgages are becoming increasingly popular with medics who need to relocate and move across the country but want to keep a base in another area. Buy taking advantage of a let to buy mortgage you can relocate without selling a property you love.

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